Breaking the Rules of Smartness with BDAI as-a-Service

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The combination of Big Data, analytics, and AI (BDAI) is going to generate great business opportunities and competitive advantages for companies around the world.Through the integration and interoperability of these technologies, companies are going to be able to transform their operations and business model and, in the medium and long term, obtain significant gains in efficiency and productivity.

It can be expected that the inclusion of BDAI in the culture of people will better prepare organizations to open new markets and explore (and exploit) new niches in existing markets, will allow the creation of new value offerings focused on the experiential component and personalization, and, ultimately, will contribute significantly to boosting growth.

With the proliferation of available data and computing capabilities increasing at an exponential rate, BDAI technologies are gaining momentum. The rise of the “as-a-Service” trend is contributing significantly to this growth, with more companies having access to IT infrastructures and applications as a service though the cloud. BDAI-as-a-Service (BDAIaaS) thus represents a source of great opportunities to accelerate the incorporation of any company, no matter its size or industry, to the benefits of Smart transformation.

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Note: this article was originally published by the author in FrontiersInBusinessTransformation

Francisco J. Navarro-Meneses
Francisco J. Navarro-Meneses
Professor of Business Transformation and Economics

My current research focuses on the study of frontier issues in business transformation and the modeling of value creation in service industries as complex systems

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