New Book- Managing the Smart Revolution in Tourism Firms

A book to understand the key ideas behind smart technologies and the management principles that govern successful business transformation.

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Francisco J. Navarro-Meneses

Francisco J. Navarro-Meneses

Professor of Business Transformation and Economics

Universidad Nebrija

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I am a professor in the School of Economics and Business at Universidad Nebrija (Madrid, Spain) where I direct the Master’s degree in Tourism Business. My current research focuses on the study of frontier issues in business transformation and the modeling of value creation in service industries as complex systems. Before joining the university, I developed my professional career as an international business consultant for more than 15 years. I have also been founder and CEO of several startups in the transport, tourism, technology, and business consulting industries.

  • Frontiers of Business Transformation
  • Applied Modeling and Simulation
  • Value Networks Dynamics
  • Tourism as a Complex System
  • Soft Computing Methods
  • Participatory Research
  • PhD in Economics and Business Management, 2016

    Universidad de Alcalá

  • Executive MBA, Operations and Production, 1998

    Instituto de Empresa

  • BS in Economics, 1997

    Universidad Autónoma de Madrid

Collaborative Projects

2nd Edition of the Book “Managing the Smart Revolution in Tourism Firms”
The second edition of the book is now available as an “Open Access” HTML version. The book editor is looking for contributors from anywhere in the world, both academic and practitioners, and in all disciplines related to tourism, technology, and business management who wish to contribute.
Frontiers in Business Transformation
FiBT offers insights from combined academic and professional research on the most relevant sources in the field of business transformation. The insights are intended to serve the community of transformational leaders as a reference knowledge base for better decision-making in their change initiatives.
The Big Book of Value
A project focused on laying the foundations for the modeling and simulation of value creation from the theoretical and methodological foundations of the science of complexity. The project aims to apply the theoretical-practical framework thus obtained to the modeling of value creation in various service industries and become a practical tool applicable to business. WIP.
The Big Book of Value

Recent Publications

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(2023). Managing the Smart Revolution in Tourism Firms. CABI Publishing.


(2023). Tourism Policies. Edward Elgar Publishing.


(2022). Unraveling the airline value creation network with fuzzy cognitive maps. International Journal of Engineering Business Management.



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