Fundamental Agile Practices for Data-driven Projects

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Companies willing to move towards data-driven management should start to think about improving their agility, which means having a good understanding of what an Agile framework is about and choosing which Agile practices and methodologies are best suited to be implemented in their data projects.

Indeed, one major stumbling block for the adoption of an Agile framework in data-driven projects is the sometimes ill-informed choice of suitable tools and techniques that are valuable to teams. So, what Agile practices can be applied to data-driven projects to effectively improve the organization’s business performance?

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Note: this article was originally published by the author in FrontiersInBusinessTransformation

Francisco J. Navarro-Meneses
Francisco J. Navarro-Meneses
Professor of Business Transformation and Economics

My current research focuses on the study of frontier issues in business transformation and the modeling of value creation in service industries as complex systems

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