Complexity-Based View of the Firm

Introduction to the Theory and Practice of An Emerging Paradigm


This book is an introductory level text into the emergence of a new paradigm devoted to understanding, predicting and influencing the behavior of the firm based upon on our increased capacity to tackle complexity. More specifically, the book explores the theoretical implications derived from the application of the idea of complexity to the context of the firm, questions whether a complexity-based view of the firm can be brought to practice, and investigates the form in which this approach might be replicated. Furthermore, by providing empirical evidence from real-life firms, the author tests the feasibility of a complexity-based view of the firm as a means to extend our understanding of the behavior of the firm.

Francisco J. Navarro-Meneses
Francisco J. Navarro-Meneses
Professor of Business, Economics and Tourism

My research interests include the modeling of complex systems in economics and business through hybrid qualitative and quantitative techniques to simulate social behavior and decision making.

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